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We got the tools

Our team is young and experienced and striving to make a name for itself in the industry by providing quality and integrity.

Certified Experience

Each of our owners started as laborers in the field and thus are familiar with all phases and portions involved in delivering a completed project.

Competitive Pricing

We always strive to provide the best possible pricing for our customers.

Lifetime Guarantee

Our lifetime guarantee is simple and clear – to make you feel safe and relaxed by choosing us, because being our satisfied customer makes you our priority number 1.

45 Years Experience

We have a over 45 years combined experience in the general construction industry.

Great Support

As typical for the construction industry and to meet and exceed safety requirements.


We are a fast growing contracting company, currently performing bulding and renovation jobs in both residential and commercial construction. With over 15 years of experience, Premier Group Inc. is the ideal choice for your bulding and renovation project. We have a team of seasoned experts and power-house work force that makes Premier Group Inc. a preffered choise over others. Bring your project to us, big or small, we gladly look forward to exceed your expectations. Driven by quality and efficiency, with safety as a core value, we always deliver perfection.


We aim to deliver the most impecable service, develop lasting relationships with our valued clients, nurture a safe working environment, achieve growth and development at the highest level of customer satisfaction, developing the projects of tomorrow – TODAY